We did it!


I am so grateful to have received the support of the residents of Palo Alto. For the official election results, click here.


I owe the success of this campaign to the hundreds of friends, old and new, who supported me with your time, your money, your advice and your positive encouragement. I owe all of you a huge thank you.


I’m excited and humbled by the opportunity to represent you and to put in the hard work to ensure that Palo Alto continues to be an exceptional place to live.







I love Palo Alto. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true.


I was three years old when my family moved here from Dallas, and I absolutely loved growing up here. I loved basketball games in the driveway with the other kids from the neighborhood. I loved Saturday morning AYSO soccer games at Rinconada Park. I loved riding my bike to school – first to Duveneck, then to Jordan, and finally to Paly.


It was because of these childhood experiences that I always knew, in the back of my mind, that I wanted to one day return to Palo Alto. Palo Alto is a diverse, dynamic, and innovative community. We pride ourselves on our world class public schools, beautiful parks, and thriving business community.


However, there are increasing causes for concern. Our infrastructure is incredibly old and outdated, with the vast majority of Palo Alto’s structures built in the 1950s and 60s. Our fiscal stability is in trouble, with tens of millions of dollars in debt forecast over the next decade.


I believe that the city council plays a vital role in the strength of our town and the quality of life of Palo Altans. The council will be making decisions in the next four years – regarding infrastructure, the Cubberley Community Center, the budget, business development and more – that will have an enormous impact on the city for decades. These decisions will help shape the memories of my children one day.


We have an opportunity to reinvest in what we’re doing well and, more importantly, to identify and change what isn’t working. There has never been a more important time for a fresh perspective and new ideas on how to keep Palo Alto moving forward.


That’s why I’m excited to run for Palo Alto City Council this November, and I’m honored to have Assemblyman Rich Gordon and Councilwoman Nancy Shepherd serving as honorary co-chairs of my campaign.


Palo Alto didn’t become a world class town by accident and it won’t remain one through inertia. To continue to be an exceptional place to live, we must bring new ideas to the forefront and stay on the cutting edge of good governance.


Join me and let’s create a bright future for Palo Alto together!


- Marc




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