It is an honor to represent you in the California State Assembly, particularly during these challenging times.

A woman’s right to control her own body and make her own healthcare decisions is under attack by Republican politicians and conservative judges across the country. I proudly support California’s efforts to strengthen and expand access to safe and legal abortion and other reproductive healthcare services.

As Chair of the Assembly Elections Committee, I wrote the law to make California a permanent vote by mail state. While other states are making it harder to vote, I am proud to lead the effort to make it easier for you to participate in your democracy.

From devastating forest fires to historic drought to accelerated sea level rise, we are already severely impacted by the climate crisis. I authored landmark legislation to ban the sale of new gas-powered equipment like leaf blowers and lawnmowers, starting in 2024, to dramatically reduce smog-forming pollutants and protect the health of our communities, our workers, and the planet.

We must do more to help students – especially first-generation college students and students of color – graduate from college and achieve their dreams. I worked with higher education leaders to write the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021, which breaks down barriers and makes it easier for community college students to transfer to four-year colleges.

If it’s easy to sign up for a subscription online, it should be easy to cancel it online. I wrote the law to make it easier for you to cancel your subscriptions without having to jump through hoops that are designed to get you to give up and keep paying.

There is more work to do, which is why I humbly ask for your support.

- Marc