I am excited to say that we emerged victorious after a long and spirited campaign! I'm proud of the positive, issue-oriented campaign that we ran, and I'm incredibly grateful to the voters of the 24th Assembly District for giving me the opportunity to be their next state assemblymember.

It goes without saying that our victory was bittersweet. As we grapple with the new political reality in Washington, I'm reminded of how important California's leadership role is — not just for our country, but for the world. We now have an opportunity to show that our large and diverse state — the world's sixth largest economy — thrives because of our commitment to progressive values: protecting equal rights, closing the achievement gap, fighting climate change, and lifting people out of poverty. I am more committed than ever to continuing that work, and am grateful to all of you that helped me get to this point.

This victory was only possible because of your continued encouragement, involvement, and support throughout the campaign. I will always be thankful that you stood with me on this journey.