Gun Safety Petition

Yesterday, at the Democratic National Convention, we heard the moving stories of those affected by gun violence in our nightclubs, schools, churches, and supermarkets. We witnessed a mother’s love, as she recounted the incredible spirit of her son, who was slain at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. We saw the courage of the daughter of a victim of the Sandy Hook massacre, as she stood up to the gun lobby. We saw the love of the survivors of the Charleston church shooting, who forgave the gunman because “love never fails.” We were inspired by former Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s incredible recovery. Most importantly, we saw an overwhelming commitment to preventing gun violence and passing common sense gun safety legislation.

We must heed their call and pass gun safety legislation so that more mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, don’t have to mourn the loss of loved ones. Democrat Marc Berman is running for State Assembly to lead this fight and work on legislation that will keep our communities safe. Join Marc in thanking survivors of gun violence and victims’ families for their courage, resilience, and commitment to preventing gun violence in the aftermath of unspeakable horror.

Will you sign?